Finding Reliable Domain and Hosting Services

Domain and hosting are some of the necessary services any online business must use and while finding such offers should not be a problem, not all will be worth your time and effort. It is essential to outline your business requirements before comparing existing hosting services. You will need to review a couple of things if you are to find a web domain host you can count on. Fortunately, reliable domain hosting businesses have various hallmarking attributes you can use to distinguish them from the rest. Here is a brief look at the difference between domain names and domain hosting as well as a few things to consider when choosing a hosting service.

Web hosting and domain names

Domain names are the company name you choose to give your business. It is the name that you can use as part of the site URL. For instance, if you offer professional web hosting services in Brisbane, Australia, you can have a domain name that includes names such as “pro” “web hosting” and ‘‘Brisbane.” Domain names can be .org (for organization), .co (for company) or .edu (for educational institutions). Others include .gov, and .net. When choosing a domain name, it is recommendable to pick words that are close to your company name so customers can easily remember your site. Once you buy a domain name, the next thing you need is a hosting service which will allow you to build a website around your domain. Web hosting simply gives you a plan that contains disk space, bandwidth, and cPanel with a dashboard you can use to develop a website. A hosting service is what allows you to appear online as you are allocated part of the server resources.

Things to consider

As aforementioned, finding web domain hosting you can count on requires careful considerations. Some of the important things to review include; Hosting plan — you can choose from shared hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth and disk space for your plan. cPanel features — what features does the cPanel have? What applications does it support? Uptime — 99.9% to 100% uptime is the recommendable range.  Uptime refers merely to the time your site can be found online. 99.99% means your site may be offline 0.01% which is about 5,256 minutes a year. Security features — choose a hosting company that guarantees an additional wall of security for your pages and credentials. There are other things to consider like business reputation, customer support and communication, plan transfer options and web building tools. Domain names and hosting often go hand in hand as you need hosting to make the domain functional. It is advisable to go for credible, reputable hosting companies that can guarantee top quality services.